Fifteen Good Reasons


1)      We have the widest overall collection of icons – over 2,100 different icons now on our web,  over 800 more in process, and possibly 1,500 or so more to come, for a grand total of more than 4,000 different icons.

2)      We have the widest selection of historic icons – in our overall collection listed just above, less than 500 icons are just contemporary icons from the last 100 years.

3)     We have the widest selection of the greatest iconographers in history – including St. Luke the Evangelist, St. Alypy of the Kiev Caves, Manuel Panselinos, Theophanes the Greek, Dionisiy, St. Andrei Rublev, Theophanes the Cretan, Andreas Ritzos, Michael Damascenos,  and Simon Ushakov.

4)     We have the widest great icon collections from famous churches and monasteries – from Stavro-Nikita Monastery and Holy Dionysiou Monastery on Mount Athos, from the Protaton Church on Mount Athos, from Decani Monastery in Serbia, and from St. Catherine’s Monastery at the base of Mount Sinai.

5)     We have the most Matched Sets by the same historic iconographers – including Manuel Panselinos, Theophanes the Cretan, St. Andrei Rublev, and Euphrosynos the Cretan. 

6)      We have the best selection of early icons – a total of more than 750 icons originally made at least over 500 years ago.

7)     We have the best quality of icon reproductions available – with the most stable warp resistant plywood, a fine birch veneer back face, the highest quality low luster 5 mil laminate film, two coats of traditional red paint on the sides, and a well cut keyhole on the back.

8)     We have a unique icon description for each of our 814 catalogue icons, one shipped with each icon at no charge – these include six descriptors when available: Style, Location, Iconographer, Heritage, School, and Date; a brief explanation of each icon depicted with its picture opposite, and a brief general Meaning of Icons on the back.

9)     We have deep inventory levels of each catalogue icon – over 20,000 mounted icons are in inventory so most catalogue icons can ship quickly.  Custom icons and laminated prints are made one at a time so they take longer.

10)   We have the most standard sizes available for our catalogue icons – 10 standard sizes from our Extra Small size of 3 inches x 4 inches, to our Quad size of 2 feet by 3 feet.

11)   We have the most custom sizes available for our catalogue and custom icons – from our smallest Extra Small size of 3 inches x 4 inches, to icons up to 8 feet tall, depending on the largest size of enlargement that can be produced while still maintaining complete image integrity.

12)   We have the largest distinct and different icon schools and heritages represented – including Bulgarian, Byzantine, Coptic, Cretan, Ethiopian, Georgian, Greek, Italo-Cretan, Macedonian, Roumanian, Russian, Serbian, and Syrian.

13)   We have the most varied countries that our icons are from or presently in – including Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Macedonia, Montenegro,  Roumania, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine; and also Egypt, Ethiopia,  France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Poland, Syria, and the U.S.  

14)   We have the most varied materials originally used in icon creation – including ceramic tile, egg-tempera, embroidery, enamel, encaustic (wax with pigment), fresco, glass beads, glass reverse painting, illuminated manuscript, mosaic, parchment and silk painting, and sea shells. 

15)   We have 25 years of excellent customer service to a very wide distribution of icons sent to individuals, churches, monasteries, museums, retreat centers, schools, church bookstores, retail stores, web stores, and distributors. 

Come and experience our unique and distinct value today!