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The next few months will determine whether the story of this monastery will be titled, “Just in the nick of time…” or “Just past the nick of time.”

Kind and compassionate people like you are needed! 

Your love and a kind donation will help transform this monastery

into a place of fervent prayer and spiritual assistance

to the whole world.

Dear reader,

You may have heard that the Saint Isaac’s Skete no longer exists. Yes, the skete is gone…but the buildings and all the property still exist, and, with the blessing of Archbishop Peter of Chicago (ROCOR), are now occupied by Saint Paul the Apostle Orthodox Monastery.

And I hope so much for your support!

But first, I want to make it crystal clear that this is not St Isaac’s Skete 2.0. This is a completely new monastery– with more people, a better system, and with a clear vision forward. We founded this monastic community so that we could stay away from the world, work out our salvation, and concentrate on our vocation — praying for the whole world – unceasingly, as the Holy Apostle Paul teaches us (1Thes. 5:17). And I hope so much that you can support this project. Because our world desperately needs prayers.

“But who cares about the prayers of a few monks in rural Wisconsin?” you might rightly ask. If you turn on the news, you’ll be reminded about what’s going on: wars, political unrest, famines, catastrophes, natural disasters, pandemics… Why is all this happening? When you study the Bible, you see that misfortunes begin when people turn away from the Lord. However, as you also know from the Bible, fervent prayers can stay the Lord’s hand. Just think: how many times has God forgiven a city when a few people prayed to Him? Remember the story of the conversation between God and Abraham (Gen. 18, 23-32)… That’s what we’re doing here in Boscobel. We’re aiming to grow this community into a powerful prayer force for you, for your family, your city, your state, our country, and the whole world. But to do that I need your support.

Will you help by sending a donation, so we can continue our work of prayer for you?

The help of kind people like you will support this monastery, so that we can serve God and mankind by creating a powerful prayer force for the good of all. “But who says we won’t close down just like St Isaac’s skete?” you might want to know. Here’s why. Because the fact that we have prevailed this last half year, shows plainly that God wants us here. In this time, the new monastery survived multiple times – just in the nick of time.

Just imagine:

Within 10 days of our arrival in November 2022, we came up with the money and time to fulfill the insurance company’s requirements – just in the nick of time, so that they didn’t cancel our policy, thus triggering the bank foreclosure on the loan. The next week, as the sun was going down, we managed to fix the plumbing on the wood-fired furnace which heats the floor on the main monastery building, which would have frozen that night and destroyed the entire floor. At least twice we barely managed, within a day or two, to avoid losing everything to the bank or to the IRS. Just in the nick of time…

Basically, we’ve been putting in our own money for the privilege to work here 24/7. I know it sounds awful. But we’d do it again – as many times as needed. Because we believe in this monastery. And I hope you do, too.

Won’t you help us move forward by sending a donation today?

Because when you support a monastery through your donations, the monastery supports you — through prayer. We pray for your health and salvation – always. And if someone in your family is sick, someone needs a better job, has problems in their marriage or with their child – we can pray for you and them especially and ardently. Won’t you help today? Because if you don’t stand with us, there’s still a real possibility that it’s not going to work.

With kind people like you on our side:

  • We can continue this great work of serving the Christian community of the United States by providing them with the highest quality mounted icons possible.
  • We can start an Athonite-style English-speaking monastic community, in the                                                                             lineage of St Joseph the Hesychast, and Geronda Ephraim of Arizona, here in the American Midwest
  • We can continue praying for the world, for peace, and for kind people like you.

I am positive that with your help, the monastery will survive – despite everything.

But without your help… I dread to think what may happen…

All Saint Paul’s needs is a little help. Will you be kind and help today?

Most people send $50, $100, or even $300, $1000 or even more… Can I count on your support? I need to come up with $210,783 by July 31st so that Saint Paul’s can begin to stand on its own two feet.

When you give today, your generosity will allow the brethren to:

  • cover daily expenses such as food, electricity, water, etc.
  • complete necessary repairs cheaply while it is warm and light
  • fulfill their vocation by praying for you personally and the salvation of the whole world

But it can only be possible if you respond to this letter. We are standing here at the dry skeleton of a monastery. Help us now to put the sinews and flesh on these dry bones (Ezekiel 37), and the Holy Spirit will breathe upon them and the Author of Life will make this place into a vibrant, living temple of the Living God. The transformation has already begun–become a sharer with us in the miracle of this metamorphosis by donating now. Please help today. We can’t do without the kindness of wonderful people like you.

Thank you for reading my letter. May God bless you and yours for your great kindness. And please give today.

Please click this link to donate by Paypal. To donate by credit card, click here.

Or you can take out your pen and write out a check to the Saint Paul Orthodox

Monastery and mail it in an envelope to:

25266 Pilgrims Way, Boscobel, WI 53805

With gratitude,

Fr Menas
Superior of Saint Paul Orthodox Monastery
Boscobel, WI



P.S. Please don’t wait. Your kind gift will help create a prayerful force for

the salvation of the world.


Fr. Menas making one of the many repairs at St. Paul’s Monastery



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