About Our Audio / Video Products

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We have assembled a selection of audio works so that you may enjoy the tremendous spiritual treasure house of Orthodox Christian music.  Included are selections written by some of the greatest composers in the world, such as Rachmaninoff, Rimski-Korsakov, and Tchaikovsky.  Many other CD’s or Cassettes have traditional compositions from the many national expressions of sacred music within the Orthodox Christian Tradition, whether Greek, Byzantine, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, or Roumanian.   

Some of this selection are imported, while others come from domestic sources.  They are all no-discount items. 

Our video collection has as yet a small number.  We will be adding to this and the audio collection as we find suitable high quality new items to include. 

Our Audio and Video Quality Guaranteed

All audio Cd’s or tapes, and videos purchased from us are fully guaranteed with regard to materials and workmanship.  Any problem in our production will be repaired or replaced without charge at any time, by simply contacting us for return authorization.  (Since we do not produce the CD’s, or the tapes and videos ourselves, but they come directly from domestic and overseas suppliers, we cannot change or replace either the recording quality or presentation itself.)  Photos and usually a short description of our audio and video selection are displayed on our web site, so that you can see what you will get before you order.  No returns will be accepted unless there is a return authorization approved in advance of receiving the returns, and the problem is a material or workmanship imperfection.