About Our Devotional Items

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On these pages are displayed many church and devotional goods, which are used to help support a pious traditional Christian spiritual life at home. Each devotional item that we offer is made for just such a purpose, to deepen and enliven our spiritual lives through a deeper and closer relationship with Jesus Christ and His Holy Ones.

Most of our devotional goods are manufactured overseas, and so in order to keep final retail prices down, they often have a “Limited Discount” if any discount applies.  

Organization on the site

The Devotional Item section is divided into several sub-sections: Hand Censers for burning incense at home, Incense to use in the hand censers, Prayer Ropes to help pray the Jesus Prayer, Prosfora Seals to make the holy prosfora bread used in Divine Liturgy, and Standing and Hanging Vigil Lamps, Hanging Lamp Brackets, and Wicks and Floats.

Our Devotional Goods Quality Guaranteed

All devotional goods purchased from us are fully guaranteed with regard to materials and workmanship. Any problem will be repaired or replaced without charge at any time, by simply contacting us for return authorization. (Since we do not produce most of these devotional goods ourselves, but they come directly from overseas suppliers, we cannot change or replace either their style or general construction.) Photos of our devotional goods are printed in our catalogue and displayed on our web site, so that you can see what you will get before you order. No returns will be accepted unless there is a return authorization approved in advance of receiving the returns, and the problem is a material or workmanship imperfection from our production outside of the original design which is shown clearly in our catalogue and on our web site.