Affiliate Program

For Members of our Discount Groups only: The only exception to this is a qualified Virtual Store (see qualifications below). offers an Affiliate Sales Program.  Members of any one of our discount groups can now start earning money by becoming an Affiliate Partner for our store.

All it takes is for you to sign up and then add links from your site to ours.  You will then receive a substantial (commission) percentage of each order that is filled:

Stores (with business accounts registered with St. Isaac’s) receive 20 – 25% commission (10% on limited discount items, 5% on books).

Churches and clergy receive 15% commission (10% on limited discount items, 5% on books).

Virtual Store Qualifications: A web-based store that is a valid business (not just an individual’s website).

Virtual Stores receive 15% commission (10% on limited discount items, 5% on books).

EASY TO DO: This free program is easy to set up and brings you money automatically; so sign-up now by logging into your account and clicking the link to join the Affiliate Program. New sign-ups: Please request the type of group that would qualify you for Affiliate partnership and within one business day you will receive confirmation of your new group status. Then when you login to your account you will see the link to set up your Affiliate program.