Christ Is Always in the Present Tense

Emmanuel (The Saviour) – J93
Emmanuel (The Saviour) – J93

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, before Abraham was I am.”  (John 8:58)

Emmanuel, our God is here with us even just now.  He is in the flesh and yet in Heaven, He is near and yet far, He is all of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He is ever new, and yet always the same. Since He is always present with us, the question then we need to consider is have we made ourselves present to Him?  Just Now?

God can be included in our moment to moment experience, but only if we are open to Him and try to be prayerful and aware that He already is truly right here and right now.  Constant practice of a small simple prayer, choosing humble thoughts, and seeking openness with active love for God and His Creation, these help bring us back to the ever present place where He lives.

This is a great mystery of life:  how can we enter even here on Earth the fore-chamber of Heaven above, but where God is present, every good thing is possible.  May we ask Jesus Christ to come to us day by day, and moment by moment, until we rise inside to touch Him Who is Love Himself.  Amen.

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