God and Singularity

Pantocrator (Hilandar) - J23
Pantocrator (Hilandar) – J23

In all of history, many philosophies and points of view abound.  They all have had their adherents, and their explanations, but they are all incomplete because they cannot explain and understand everything in the Universe—physical, mental, and spiritual.  What therefore can give us hope that we are seeing with clear eyes, clear minds, and clear hearts? As Christ said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  (Matt 18:5) 


Many movies and books these days, especially science fiction, refer to singularity in terms of that concept in modern Physics.  When talking about black holes, worm holes, and other concepts about time travel, gravitation, and matter, this word comes up or at least that idea is in their stories.  Although there are many meanings of the word singularity in different disciplines, in modern Physics Initial Singularity “is the gravitational singularity of infinite density before quantum fluctuations that caused the Big Bang and subsequent inflation that created the Universe.” (Wikipedia)  Infinite density, and the Creation of the Universe—these are big ideas that science is coming to terms with now and trying to explain. These ideas can capture our own imaginations too.

True Singularity

What has infinite mass, unending energy, and is faster than all thought and motion?  Worldly answer: nothing known as of yet, reality answers: God.  What is the point of all creation, from the moment just before Creation with all potentials coalesced into a single place ready to flow out moment by moment, yet is before and after time?  Worldly answer: a physics singularity; reality answers: God.  What is every person seeking, whether consciously or unconsciously, through family, friends, work, invention, creative artistic and scientific endeavors and expression, cultural values, and all dreams of love and acceptance?  Worldly answer: various theories, untested with enough data; reality answers: God.

When God is brought into the equation of life, then all of our understanding can be expanded greatly, because all knowledge, all truth, and all life is in Him.  He is the origin and author of all created things, and everything around us—the wide Universe of the sun, the stars, and the distant spiral galaxies, and also the small Universe of the atoms, and their sub atomic particles.  He is the binding force that holds all things together and gives them meaning, and the great love and hope of our life.

He is present simultaneously in all moments of time, and even before and after time was created.  He is the moment of true singularity, and our little universe inside can expand now when we look towards Him, draw near to Him, and touch Him with tender hearts, O Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.  Amen

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