Light of Light, True God of True God

Icon of the Resurrection – F86
Icon of the Resurrection – F86

“I believe in one God….”  (from The Symbol of Faith or Creed)

The first act of Creation is “Let there be light”, but before all of Creation there was and is and shall be a Light that fills everything with joy, gladness, and ineffable illumination and truth.  This unwaning Light is God Himself shining forth as “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” for God reveals Himself most fully to us through this most glorious Light that is uncreated.  This Light always shines everywhere, but we must thoroughly cleanse our hearts, minds, and bodies to be able to see and touch it in truth.

On Christ’s Nativity this Light shines upon the world and brings joy to the shepherds, and to the Magi, and to the angels that sing “Glory to God in the Highest!”  On Christ’s Baptism this Light shines brightly to illumine and sanctify all nature and all beings in this world.  On Christ’s Transfiguration, the Disciples fall down when The Lord shines out with a radiance greater than the sun, and all of their worldly references are eclipsed by radiant beauty and joy, but a moment later this Light fades and Jesus again is there in His human form to lead them down from the mountain.

On Easter or Pascha Christ shines forth most brightly for He now opens the gates to Paradise of old, and shows through His Resurrected body that He is the true Radiance and Light by which all can see and perceive in the Heavenly Realms.  We are included in this most radiant night, to see and feel beyond the mind, beyond the stars, and beyond all in this world, for as He is shining so brightly then we can glimpse and feel His radiance, His warmth, and His love which streams forth in bright joy, for Christ is the Light that illumineth all.  May that Light shine sweetly in our inmost hearts today.

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