The Beginning of Great Lent

Icon of “Extreme Humility” – J73
Icon of “Extreme Humility” – J73

“The Lenten spring has come – the light of repentance!
O brothers, let us cleanse ourselves from all evil, crying out to the Giver of Light:
Glory to Thee, O Lover of man.
Let us begin the fast with joy! Let us prepare ourselves for spiritual effort!
Let us purify our souls and cleanse our flesh.
Let us abstain from passion as we abstain from food,
Let us rejoice in the spirit and persevere with love,
That we may all see the Holy Passion of Christ, Our God
And rejoice in spirit at the Holy Pascha!”
  (Hymn from the Lenten Season)

The word Lent comes from the Middle English word for springtime, so let us increase our fasting, our prayers, and our giving of alms in charity to enter the Springtime of Christ’s Resurrection through these dark-radiant days of repentance.

The Monastics at St. Isaac of Syria Skete
and at the Convent of St. Silouan
and the Faithful at St. Nicholas Church
and the Staff at Orthodox Byzantine Icons and St. Isaac’s Bookstore