Donation Appeal

General Appeal: Support Our Monastery’s Basic Needs

Please support now all of our monastic efforts of prayer both outwardly and inwardly for the whole world and for you, and our wonderful work of making affordable and available the great historic Christian icons of the world.  Our heat, electricity, food, and clothing, all are in much need right now of help from our dear friends who can let us right now meet our most basic needs. Please help support us who live here. May God bless your generosity!


Interior of the Kitchen of the New Guest House Before It Is Moved
Interior of the Kitchen of the New Guest House Before It Is Moved

Special Appeal:  To Put the Newer Guest House in Place

Our Old Guest House, destroyed in the Strong Rain and High Windstorm here in mid-July, is gone now, and we have a newer, much better one to replace it.  We need your help now to move it in place this Spring.

Seven trees that were leaning toward the site have been cut down and removed, and the mover is ready, but we still need the means for him to set the gravel bed and footers, move the new guest house in place, and then anchor it down and level it.  Please help!

When in place, we will need to put up an insulated perimeter skirting after Winter, and then finish the stages of remodeling the interior.

Your donations are much needed just now.  A kind donor has offered to match all funds collected.  This effectively doubles the value of all gifts for this worthy cause.  A gift of $25, $50, and more if possible will help us to move forward.  Please give from your heart today.

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