A Lenten Urgent Request for Help

Icon of St. Isaac of Syria (Detail) – S129
Icon of St. Isaac of Syria (Detail) – S129

Here at St. Isaac of Syria Skete we are facing just now an especially challenging time in the last two weeks just before and coming into the beginning of Great Lent of our financial needs beyond our ability to manage. We are turning to our many friends and also to our supporters from the past and all others on our email list now to pray for us and also prayerfully consider if they can help us weather this storm.

Our biggest challenge just now is financial insufficiency to even pay for much needed electricity, propane for heat, basic telephone, UPS shipping, insurance, the cost to make another hard copy general newsletter and donation appeal to be printed and mailed to our donors, and even our car tags for this current year and simple food to put on the table. It is affecting our daily life just now to function normally even in a frugal way.

Everyone these days is feeling the financial pinch of inflation and the rise of gas prices which also affect the cost of all other goods. It is hard, we know, for everyone to adapt and adjust. Our immediate needs, however, are more just now than an adjustment, or to just tighten our belts and move on.

It is painful to ask, please forgive us, but we know that in the past we have had a good response when our particular needs came up, and we did ask then and many of you did respond. Please respond now, if at all possible!

The needed items mentioned above total over $9,500 and every bit of help is a blessing, no matter how small, for the widow’s mite was praised by the Lord. Every dollar will certainly count.

Monks cell

We are asking in love for help, and please see in love if you can give, and in any case, we ask your prayers that God will hear all of our pleas for help and respond.

May you have a blessed and holy time of repentance in these days of Great Lent, and may the Lord bring us all towards Paradise!  Amen.


Your Brothers in Christ,

The Monks of St. Isaac of Syria Skete

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