*Summer Blessings & Special Needs

Icon of the Creation of the Plants – F111
Icon of the Creation of the Plants – F111

The Summer is fully here with the profusion of green leaves, blue skies, abundant grass, colorful and singing birds, and the breezes that come and gust in both rain or shine. We live in a beautiful place here in Southwestern Wisconsin. Nearby the corn is already growing large, the soybeans are green, and the hay grass has been harvested several times already for next winter’s feed. It is a beautiful and expansive time of the year.

We have been very stretched over almost the last year because of the great wind and rain storm that hit us last July, and stretching our limited finances. By much support from all of our donors and friends, we have been able to just meet the biggest demands made on us so far, and we wanted to thank you so much for your support and prayers.

Recently we were able to get a new smaller laminator for our icon production which broke down after last July’s rain and wind storm. When the electricity went down as the wires were hit by a felled tree in the high winds, it caused an electrical spike in some buildings which damaged or fried both of our laminators. At least the one that was fried is now replaced thanks to your help. This has made a big difference in our production.

We are asking again for your support now to meet our current needs. You can help us by making an order for icons now, and also by making a donation to help us move forward. We are moving. Your help has greatly helped. Help us move further forward today! God bless your good hearts.

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