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Icon of the Panagia “Golden Spring” – T46
Icon of the Panagia “Golden Spring” – T46
Icon of Christ “The Light-Giver” – J36
Icon of Christ “The Light-Giver” – J36


Icons of the Panagia “Golden Spring” and Christ “The Light-Giver” – T46 & J36
Icons of the Panagia “Golden Spring” & Christ “The Light-Giver” – T46 & J36

Matched Sets of Icons of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary Theotokos

Orthodox Byzantine Icons has 15 pairs of icons of the Lord and His Mother that are either painted by the same iconographer and in the same style, or are sets from the same time period and style that look very compatible.  To set up an icon corner, or any display of your icons, these really give a cohesive look and feel to the main icon pair.

Although each of the sets are distinct and different, they do go very well together and are made in close matching sizes so that you could make them fit in any space in any size that you choose that has room.  These sizes are always the same height in the set, but slightly different in width as they were usually originally painted that way.  To get this same height, you need to order these together as a matched set, as the individual icons that we stock have been modified slightly from their stock sizes to match each other more closely.

Enjoy this beautiful matched set of icons, with a special description below:

T46 & J36

This pair of icons was painted in 1991 by the Monk Michael of the Holy Mount Athos. They show a three-quarter view of both the Lord and the Virgin Mary Theotokos.

In the beginning of St. John’s Gospel, St. John speaks of the Divine attributes of Christ as both God and Man, and says of St. John the Baptist that he came “…to bear witness of the Light…” and that Jesus Christ was “…was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” (John 1:7, 9) In the Creed, Christ is called “…Light of Light, true God of true God….” So Christ is the source and giver of Light that illumines us to see and perceive correctly all things that surround us both exteriorly and interiorly. May that Light shine brightly within us!

The Virgin Mary was illumined by Christ Emmanuel (God with us) through the Holy Spirit at her Annunciation whereby she was able to conceive the God-Man and cooperatively bring this Light into the world. She still shines with His radiance within her as she is both His mother and His hand-maiden and humble servant. Her humility and obedient will negated the first Eve’s fallen will which chose an un-illumined path that set all of humanity into sin with her husband Adam’s willing cooperation, and the distortion of all of Creation. When Christ was born He again illumined a bright path of radiance so we can choose to become restored human beings and can become again citizens of Paradise, and also gave a new illumination to all Creation.

Praying with the icons is a direct way to approach and show reverence and love back to Christ, first in His icon, and then also in His icon as it illumines those who have chosen to follow Him to become living and holy icons of Him shining with His Light in them. May we follow their blessed path today!