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Icon of the Virgin Enthroned – T99
Icon of the Virgin Enthroned – T99

Icon of Christ Enthroned – J86
Icon of Christ Enthroned – J86

Icons of the Virgin Enthroned and Christ Enthroned – T99 & J86
Icons of the Virgin Enthroned & Christ Enthroned – T99 & J86

Matched Sets of Icons of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary Theotokos

Orthodox Byzantine Icons has 15 pairs of icons of the Lord and His Mother that are either painted by the same iconographer and in the same style, or are sets from the same time period and style that look very compatible.  To set up an icon corner, or any display of your icons, these really give a cohesive look and feel to the main icon pair.

Although each of the sets are distinct and different, they do go very well together and are made in close matching sizes so that you could make them fit in any space in any size that you choose that has room.  These sizes are always the same height in the set, but slightly different in width as they were usually originally painted that way.  To get this same height, you need to order these together as a matched set, as the individual icons that we stock have been modified slightly from their stock sizes to match each other more closely.

Enjoy this beautiful matched set of icons, with a special description below:

T99 & J86

In the Late Paleologean period at the end of the 13th century, there was a great flowering of art in Constantinople, the seat of the Eastern Roman Empire at that time for over 900 years. This period occurred at the restoration in 1261 of the Byzantine rule after the sack of Constantinople by the Latin Crusaders in 1204. Manuel Panselinos was a master Macedonian artist whose work still adorns the Protaton Church in Karyes, the administration seat of the Holy Mountain of Mount Athos. His use of classical iconographic style coupled with an inherent majesty sets him among and yet apart from many iconographers both before and after him. These two icons are still on the stone iconostasis, or icon screen, in the Protaton Church and are wonderful to behold. The Lord is always seated in majesty in Heaven, and also here on Earth whenever a simple and humble heart accepts Him to live and have an active part in leading our minds and hearts back to Heavenly thoughts, feelings, and actions. May the Lord Jesus Christ come to us, and save us! Amen.