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Icon of the Portaitissa (“of the Portal”) – T01
Icon of the Portaitissa (“of the Portal”) – T01

Christ Blessing (Athos) - J02
Icon of Christ Blessing – J02

Icons of the Portaitissa ("Of the Portal") & Christ Blessing – T01 & J02
Icons of the Portaitissa (“Of the Portal”) & Christ Blessing – T01 & J02

Matched Sets of Icons of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary Theotokos

Orthodox Byzantine Icons has 15 pairs of icons of the Lord and His Mother that are either painted by the same iconographer and in the same style, or are sets from the same time period and style that look very compatible.  To set up an icon corner, or any display of your icons, these really give a cohesive look and feel to the main icon pair.

Although each of the sets are distinct and different, they do go very well together and are made in close matching sizes so that you could make them fit in any space in any size that you choose that has room.  These sizes are always the same height in the set, but slightly different in width as they were usually originally painted that way.  To get this same height, you need to order these together as a matched set, as the individual icons that we stock have been modified slightly from their stock sizes to match each other more closely.

Enjoy this beautiful matched set of icons, with a special description below:

T01 & J02

This pair of Greek icons was painted on the Holy Mountain of Mount Athos in Greece in 1986-1988 by the Monk Michael. The Lord is blessing with His right hand forming the Greek letters IC XC, the abbreviation of the words Jesus Christ, and this is the pattern that all Orthodox priests give a blessing. This is also one of the two ways that Christ right hand is traditionally shown in icons even from ancient times. His hand is giving a blessing here, but the blessing comes from His deep heart full of love for every person created in the image and likeness of God from the first man Adam until the end of time. Our form and live is from Him, and our capacity to care and love is from Him also. This love, this generosity, and this capacity for deeply caring for others is a gift and imbedded in our very nature, so let us practice showing these gifts by using them often.

The Virgin Mary, the Birth-Giver of God, has a well-known miraculous icon called “of the Portal” because traditionally it was thrown into the sea during a time of the persecution and destruction of the icons. Instead of sinking, it stood upright and floated off from where it was thrown and came to the shore off of Iviron Monastery on Mount Athos, where a very pious monk retrieved it and brought it to land. Temporarily put in a small room near the door, the monks made a place for it in the church, but each time they moved it, that night it miraculously reappeared back in the room by the door or portal. Finally the Virgin herself appeared to the abbot and told him to leave her there where she could take care of the monks, instead of them taking care of her.

Many years later when pirates came to rampage through the monastery, one of them took his dagger and struck the icon on the face with a gash in his irreverence, but immediately the cut started to bleed, which touched the pirate so much that he gave up his piracy, asked to become a monk, and then lived near the icon taking care of it for the rest of his life. This is why other icons painted after this type known as the Portiatissa show the cut on her face as is on the original icon to this day. The original of the icon still stands looking out to guard and protect all who take refuge in her as their mother indeed, as she is the Theotokos or Birth-Giver of God, and we truly receive His Body and Blood in Holy Communion when we partake of the Holy Gifts, and so are truly her children too.