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Icon of the Theotokos “Hodegetria”  – T62
Icon of the Theotokos “Hodegetria” – T62

Icon of Christ Pantocrator – J56
Icon of Christ Pantocrator – J56

Icons of the Theotokos “Hodegetria” & Christ Pantocrator – T62 & J56
Icons of the Theotokos “Hodegetria” & Christ Pantocrator – T62 & J56

Matched Sets of Icons of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary Theotokos

Orthodox Byzantine Icons has 15 pairs of icons of the Lord and His Mother that are either painted by the same iconographer and in the same style, or are sets from the same time period and style that look very compatible.  To set up an icon corner, or any display of your icons, these really give a cohesive look and feel to the main icon pair.

Although each of the sets are distinct and different, they do go very well together and are made in close matching sizes so that you could make them fit in any space in any size that you choose that has room.  These sizes are always the same height in the set, but slightly different in width as they were usually originally painted that way.  To get this same height, you need to order these together as a matched set, as the individual icons that we stock have been modified slightly from their stock sizes to match each other more closely.

Enjoy this beautiful matched set of icons, with a special description below:

T62 & J56

Constantinople, the unbroken capital of the Eastern Roman Empire from when it was first built and dedicated in 325 A.D., fell at last to the Moslem invaders in 1453. During the time of the Moslem rulership which followed, Orthodox iconographers often moved to outlying areas not as influenced by the iconoclasm of Islam, such as Crete or Venice, to paint their icons especially in the late 15th, and then the 16th and 17th centuries. Three of these well-known iconographers in what was later called the Cretan School of iconographer were Emmanuel Tzanes, the Monk Theophanes the Cretan, and Michael Damaskinos. The two beautiful icons in this matched set were painted by Michael Damaskinos and they reside now on the Island of Corfu.

The Cretan School is known for its majestic figures, especially having very expressive faces and rich golds and bright colors, and also often inexpressible luminous expressions as is seen here of love and mercy in Christ’s face and that of His Mother. This is a wonderful set of matched icons and will adorn any icon corner, drawing the beholder to ask the Lord for mercy, and then to give us love, joy, and thankfulness in return.

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