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Here is a compact End of Summer Selection of Our Best-Selling and Most Popular Seasonal icons, which includes the End of Summer feasts and beyond.   Each season is blessed as the year turns and we enter new celebrations of the Lord, the Mother of God, and the Saints for these unfolding times.  Open these windows into Heaven by beholding such truly beautiful icons.

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Featured Seasonal Icons

Seasonal Icons are listed in Church Commemoration Date order.  All events in the yearly Paschal cycle are listed on the secular calendar date.  For those following the Julian (Old) Calendar, the monthly or Menaion Church Commemoration Date occurs 13 days following on the secular calendar date.

SS Symeon Stylites & Cyriacos - S327  
SS Symeon Stylites & Cyriacos – S327
– Sep 01 

       The Burning Bush - T64    
The Burning Bush – T64
– Sep 04 

Nativity of Virgin - CF842  
Nativity of Virgin – CF842
Sep 08 

         SS Joachim and Anna - CS1333    
SS Joachim and Anna – CS1333
– Sep 09 

St. Silouan - S440  
St. Silouan – S440
Sep 11 

        Elevation of the Cross - CF773    
Elevation of the Cross – CF773
– Sep 14 

SS Sophia, Faith, Hope & Love - S176  
SS Sophia, Faith, Hope & Love – S176
Sep 17 

       Prophet Jonah - CP729    
Prophet Jonah – CP729
– Sep 22 

St. Sergius, Vision of - S172
St. Sergius, Vision of – S172
Sep 25 

         Theotokos "Holy Protection" - T51    
Theotokos “Holy Protection” – T51
– Oct 01 

St. Thomas the Apostle - S182  
St. Thomas the Apostle – S182
Oct 06 

         St. James - Son of Alphaeus - S130    
St. James – Son of Alphaeus – S130
– Oct 09

Startsy of Optina - S326  
Startsy of Optina – S326
Oct 10 

         St. Luke the Evangelist - S66    
St. Luke the Evangelist – S66
– Oct 18