Our Laminated Print Icon Selection, Inventory, and Prices

We do offer all of our wide selection of mounted icons, both regular stock and customs, as just laminated prints for those who prefer this for special use. We feel that our quality finished mounted icons are better than most craftsmen could produce even from our high-quality laminated prints, but sometimes there are special uses that would need just the laminated print. The cost for each laminated print is about a third of a mounted icon and this price schedule will follow.

Allowing for a complete seal of the laminate, edge to edge, makes each laminated print icon slightly larger in size, but the print is the same size as listed. If you wish a more correct overall dimension please add this laminated overhang, which is often just one quarter to one half of an inch larger in each dimension of the overall size. As mentioned above, all sizes are approximate even though for convenience they are listed in an approximate size to the quarter of an inch.

All of our regular stock mounted icons listed in our catalogue and on our website are now available as laminated prints. This is approximately 2,350 laminated prints in the sizes offered. If you wish a regular stock icon as a laminated print in a size not listed and it is smaller than the largest size offered, it can be made as a custom laminated print. If it is in a larger size, please enquire of our custom icon department.

All laminated icon prints are Limited Discount Items, which means that they only allow one half of the normal discount for wholesale customers or for churches and clergy. These are also made as a custom order one order at a time, for we do not keep any stock of laminated icon prints, but they are individually made to order. To store the inventory of laminated prints would take much more space than our production facility allows. These orders take longer than a stock mounted icon that we keep in regular inventory, so please be understanding of this when you order.

NOTE: NO RETURNS for Laminated Prints are accepted unless the problem is a material or workmanship imperfection from our production. All of these products are produced for a unique order and cannot be restocked.

Our Icon Sizes

Since our icon prints come from widely divergent sources both domestic and overseas, including many Eastern and Western European countries and also from the Middle East, and the original icons were made in such individual shapes and sizes, it was impossible to create an exact size for each general price range of icons that we offer. The size had to be approximate, so we developed ten standard sizes that fit many of our icons, and assigned the unusual sizes to one of the general size ranges. This always involves some subjective decisions on where the line falls between each size. The sizes offered here are approximate, and have a letter in their order number: XS for Extra Small, S for Small, M for Medium, ML for Medium Large, L for Large, XL for Extra Large, D for Double, XD for Extra Double, T for Triple, and Q for Quad. There will always be some minor variation in size due to the nature of hand production, so you must understand each icon size to be close but still approximate. This approximate size is listed in the drop down menu under each unique icon offering. They are rounded to the nearest approximate quarter inch for convenience, but are never exactly this size.

Our Laminated Icon Print Price Schedule 
(All Laminated Prints are Custom made)
**NOTE: All sizes are approximate. See individual icon product pages for closer approximate sizes for each icon.

Size Dimensions Price
XS Extra Small 3″ x 4″ $4.00
S Small 4″ x 6″ $8.00
M Medium 5″ x 7″ $9.00
ML Medium/Large 6″ x 8″ $12.00
L Large 8″ x 10″ $14.00
XL Extra Large 11″ x 14″ $22.00
D Double 12″ x 18″ $30.00
XD Extra Double 14″ x 20″ $40.00
T Triple 16″ x 24″ $53.00
Q Quad 24″ x 36″ $92.00
WCR Large 12″ $27.00
WCR Extra Large 20″ $53.00