8th Edition Print Catalogue


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We are now offering our 8th Edition Catalogue, which contains our complete icon and devotional goods line.

Additions to the 8th edition:

  • Extensive reference material about the history, iconographic technique, and the spiritual significance of the imagery
  • 65 new stock icons
  • 300 custom icon images

Featuring over 1125 icons and their detailed descriptions, as well as a large selection of metal and wood devotional goods, this catalog has the largest selection of mounted icon prints manufactured in one place in America.  Our icon prints are drawn from many countries from the original 1st century icons until today.

Many of the great masterpieces of iconographic art are included from the whole history of Christianity, including four stock icons attributed to St. Luke the Evangelist. Most of the major areas of iconographic development and the lands where this took place are represented, whether Roman, Byzantine, Serbian, Cretan, Greek Post-Byzantine, Russian, Bulgarian, Roumanian, or Macedonian.  Many of the great iconographers are also represented, so it is also a reference to the field of iconography as well as a catalogue of products.

This makes a magnificent addition to any library or home.

In 160 pages full color (8.5″ x 11″)