Icon of Christ Changing Water to Wine – F74


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This 14th century icon is a fresco on the wall of the Decani Monastery in Serbia.  Christ, at His Mother’s request to help them who had run out of wine, tells them to fill six water pots with water and for some to be drawn out and taken to the master of the feast.  When unknowingly the master tasted this water made wine, he remarked that the best wine had been left till last.  With Christ’s blessing and Will everything is made the very best that it can be according to its nature.  

The building with a curtain in the background in iconographic tradition indicates that this event is taking place indoors.  We also see in this icon that the servants are filling the water into the pots while the Virgin tells Him of their troubles, with her head inclined towards him and her hands stretched out in supplication.  Icons often have more than one linear event taking place simultaneously as the icons show us a revelation of how everything will be perceived at the end of time in Eternity.  As with the revelation of the Holy Trinity to Abraham in the form of three angels, this story tells us how important hospitality is when given with Godly love.   

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Decani Monastery, Kosovo, Serbia


14th c.