Icon of Christ Healing Demon Possessed Boy – F75


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The demon-possessed boy whom His Disciples could not cure is brought by his father to Christ for deliverance from the tyranny of demonic power.  The root of this possession and lack of cure is identified by Christ when He says, “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I suffer you?”  (Matt 17:14).  At the command of the Word of God, the demon is cast out and the boy is completely cured from that hour.  This icon shows the boy lying on the ground in a distorted pose while his father stands over him with arms upraised in supplication and helplessness.  St. Peter and two other Disciples look on.

Although today we have many other explanations of mental and physical ills, and most of modern science categorically denies non-material explanations of any working in the Universe, this does not effectively negate the reality of demonic power and its effects in this world.  Prayer and other proven spiritual means have been shown to be very effective in helping those tormented by demonic power, which today, as in the days that Jesus walked on Earth, still hurts many.  God can help if we humbly ask.

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Decani Monastery, Kosovo, Serbia


14th c.