Icon of Christ Healing Jairus’ Daughter – F76


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This 14th century frescoed Byzantine icon comes from the famous Decani Monastery in Serbia.  It shows the Lord of Life having come to the house of Jairus, the ruler of a synagogue who had asked Jesus to come to his house to heal his twelve-year-old daughter who was at the point of death.  Jairus was given a challenge of his faith, for Jesus first dealt with the healing of another woman who had had an issue of blood for twelve years that could not be stanched.  By the time Jesus heals her and enquires after her touching Him, bringing virtue out of Him to heal her, the ruler’s servants come to tell him to not bother Jesus because his own daughter had already died. <

Christ calls Jairus to still believe against this new information from direct witnesses that if Jesus says that he believes and doesn’t fear, she will be made whole.  When they come to the house with Peter, James, and John following, Jesus puts everyone out of the room except the girl’s father, mother, and His three disciples, and takes her by the hand and calls her back from the dead.  Belief is a two way street.  God will give it if we are willing to accept it.

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Decani Monastery, Kosovo, Serbia


14th c.