Icon of the Creation of the Stars – F57


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This wall painting, or fresco, is from a monastery near Athens and shows the creation of the stars and heavenly lights by God on the Fourth Day of Creation.  Since no man has ever seen God the Father, it is Christ “by Whom all things were made,” Who is blessing and bringing forth this creation.  An angel kneels in wonder with upraised hands and the other bodiless powers look on above the vault of the heavens of this creation.  The sun and moon are present also, praising the Lord of all.

The idea of a simply material creation without reference to a Creator is a relatively new idea in the world, and has never been supported by any great or historic civilization in all of history.  It is the tradition of the Church that the angelic creation, which includes all of the bodiless hosts, is far larger than ours of materiality, and that both parts of creation are held together by the will and love of God, including every atom, light, and molecule.  Because God is humble and hidden from proud eyes and minds, does not mean that He is not present.  Those who go deep within find the door to know more fully the Mysteries, “That no eye hath seen….”

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St. John the Baptist Monastery, Makrinos, Greece


20th c. (Late)