Donations to St. Silouan Convent


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God bless you for your good desire to help support our convent, for “God loves a cheerful giver.”

‘Unspecified donations’ to St. Silouan Convent help provide for the nuns’ daily needs, including our simple food, heat, clothes, and medicine.

We currently have ‘several specific capital campaigns’ to build or finish larger projects that will directly improve the nuns’ abilities to live more productive lives and also decrease our expenses to become more self-sufficient financially and practically.

Foremost, we are trying in stages to ‘refurbish the convent’ by installing cement piers to provide stable support under the structure, add a work room to the convent, replace the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway tiles after the support is stable, replace the worn out rugs in the main room and bedrooms, build a larger shed to store gardening tools, fence around the convent to provide more privacy, including an entry gate, put in raised beds for the flowers, trees, and shrubs around the convent, and get a better winter vehicle for the nuns’ use.

If your donation is to a capital campaign, please specify in the comments at checkout for which project your donation is intended.

Please select the amount you wish to contribute. If you wish to make a larger donation, which would be most helpful, please contact us at 1-800-814-2667. You may use credit card, check or money order for your offering.

Thank you

God bless you for your good desire to help support our Convent.

Your donations are tax deductible.