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The Teaching of Evagrius Ponticus on Anger and Meekness 

by Gabriel Bunge   148 Pgs.

Evagrius Ponticus (343 – 399 AD) spent sixteen years in the desert of Egypt, where he gained the gift of insight into the human soul. His writings influenced the theology of John Cassian, Diadochus of Photike, Maximus the Confessor, and Palladius. Evagrius’ image of the human being, profoundly biblical, allowed for a perceptive understanding of anger, its causes, consequences and cures. His major study on the topics not ordinarily covered in works of theology appears here in the English language for the first time and offers timeless wisdom on struggling with this passion.

Father Gabriel Bunge, OSB is a patristics scholar and contemplative monk. He has authored many books, including The Rublev Trinity, published by SVS Press.