Icon of the Guardian Angel – S288


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The Lord appoints for each soul that is baptized into the Church a holy Guardian Angel to help, protect, encourage, and guide them toward salvation by enlivening their conscience and praying for them before the Throne of God.  This is truly a most remarkable thing, as the Faithful then have someone with them at every moment with angelic power and might whose sole purpose is to teach them how to think, feel, and act in a Godly manner, protecting them from all evil.  They are also a faithful witness of all of our actions and thoughts each moment of every day.

Given this Divine help at God’s command, they are only limited by our own choices, which open or close our hearts towards God and His Truth and Light.  It is a great shame and misfortune that we live most of our life unconscious and unaware of this help that is so easily accessed.  Let us begin today to remember our guardian and helper from Christ Himself.  “O Angel of God, my holy guardian, keep my life in the heart of Christ God; strengthen my mind in the true way, and wound my soul with heavenly love, so guarded by thee, I may obtain of Christ God great mercy.”

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Egg Tempera


Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, New York, USA


20th c. (Late)