Icon of the Miracle at Chonae (Sinai, 12th Century) – F124


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St. Michael, the great Archangel and leader of the Bodiless Hosts, is shown here before St. Archippos, the founder of a church dedicated to him in Kolossae, or Chonae, in Phrygia in Asia Minor, now present day Turkey.  The pagans, disturbed by the spiritual life and Godly presence in this church, desired to destroy it by diverting a river towards it and inundating it.  Next to the church was a miraculous spring with healing holy water.  The Archangel touched the river with his staff and the flow was diverted so the church and spring remained untouched and undisturbed.

It is interesting to note that God and His Saints can be surrounded by evil and those who wish to do evil without being visibly disturbed or to act out in vengeance.   This can be seen in the Passion and Death on the Cross by Jesus Christ, and in the martyrdom of many of His Saints, who instead of cursing those who were hurting them, often blessed them and even healed them, bringing many to the Faith of Christ.  Evil, however, is troubled and fights to destroy the Good, in Christ, His Church, and His Saints.  Good, therefore, is seen to be stronger than evil, and ultimately prevails.  

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Egg Tempera


12th c. (Late)


St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, Egypt