Icon of the Pantocrator (1262-1263) – J20


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Egg Tempera


13th c. (Mid)


This icon is of very high quality and from the inscription on the back we know the details of its origin: “This icon was painted in the year 1262-1263, in the time of Archbishop Konstantin Kabisilas.” It was donated to St. Clement’s Cathedral Church in Ochrid by the archbishop as a sign of thankful gratitude upon his release from the prison that he had been incarcerated by order of Theodore II Lascaris, the Byzantine Emperor at that time.  The style indicates that the contemporary trends in Byzantine iconographic technique were followed, as the larger ecclesiastical centers of the empire received them soon after their development in the capital city.  The blue and gold in this icon are quite striking.

The red cross in Christ’s halo refers to His Passion as the Son of God, which He was in all Eternity, and the son of man, which He took on in the realm of chronos, or chronological time.  In His left hand He holds a prophet’s scroll to show that He is the fulfillment of the prophet’s words. The Lord’s blessing right hand is turned inwards to remind us that He calls us to the inward state of repentance and love that open the doors of Heaven to us.