Icon of the Platytera (“More Spacious than the Heavens”, 14th c.) – T54


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The womb of the Virgin became “more spacious than the Heavens” when the Lord of Lord and King of Kings was conceived and borne there for the salvation of the world.  The Lord Jesus Christ, although born in time as an Infant and with the frailties of human existence, was simultaneously the Second Person of the Holy Trinity and before all the ages, time, and the Creation itself, and He never forgot this even for a moment when on earth.  This is why in icons which show Him as a Child, He is shown with a face full of adult awareness, for He was always still with His Father in Heaven, and never apart from the Holy Spirit. 

 For us born in sins and imperfections, the Mysteries of God and His Church are hard to understand because our minds and hearts are darkened with selfish and self-centered thoughts and perceptions.  This central delusion must be repented of and changed (repent means change in the original Greek) for we cannot truly see anything except by the illumination of a broken and open humbled heart in the Light of Christ which illumines all.  It is this open heart that brings us to blessedness of Heaven Itself, so let us go there!

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14th c.