Icon of Elias (Elijah) the Prophet in the Desert – P207


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The Prophet Elias (Elijah) is depicted in this icon looking upward at the raven that God had sent to bring him bread while he fled from King Ahab in the Judean wilderness.  The Prophet was in a cave, which is still preserved at St. George Chozevites Monastery in the wadi half-way from Jerusalem to Jericho, and has a small separate entry that the raven flew through to bring him God’s blessing.  God’s blessings often come when we are peaceful and keep our faith and trust when in difficult circumstances.   If we lose our peace and faith, we can often also lose the blessing.

In this icon the Prophet is covered with his mantle, has a staff in his hand, and sits before the Brook of Cherith shown in a stylized form at his feet.  The Holy Prophet Elias lived  in the ninth century before Christ and by God’s Grace worked many wonders including raising someone from the dead, stopping rain for three and a half years by his prayers and then having it come again when he prayed later, and more than once calling fire down from Heaven.  He was fiery in life and was brought up from earth to Heaven in a fiery chariot, but will return in the future to be killed by Antichrist.