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The Holy Prophet Habbakuk lived and prophesied about 600 b.c. just before Nebuchadnezzar, King of Chaldea, came to conquer Jerusalem, bringing many of the Israelites into captivity and destroying the Temple, all of which Habbakuk had prophesied.  Habbakuk fled to the Ishmaelites until Nebuchadnezzar left and then returned to live as a farmer in Judah.  The name Habbakuk  comes from the Hebrew habak which means to embrace.

Once when Habbakuk left with food to take to the reapers in his fields at the time of the harvest, an angel appeared to him.  The angel brought him by the hair through the air in a few moments to the Prophet Daniel, who was hungry and enclosed in a lion’s den in Babylon, over 1,300 miles away.  Daniel praised God, Who had not abandoned him, eating what was provided, while the angel took Habbakuk back to his own land in Judah.  Habbakuk prophesied about the return of the Jews from captivity in Babylon, and also of the birth of Christ Who would come to save the world and fulfill the Law and Prophets.  Just two years before the return of Israel, Habbakuk died and was received by God Whom he had served.

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15th c. (Early)