Icon of Isaiah the Prophet (Chios, 11th Century) – P77


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This mid-11th century icon of the Holy Prophet Isaiah is a mosaic on the wall of the church in Nea Moni Monastery in Chios, Greece.  It is situated in the church in such a way that the Prophet points towards the Virgin Theotokos and the scroll that he carries reads, “Behold the Virgin shall conceive in her womb” (Isaiah 7:14), a clear prophesy made 700 years before Christ was born.

The Prophet Isaiah was born into the royal family of Judah and prophesied many events about the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, St. John the Forerunner, and the Incarnation and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ which all came about in their proper time.  He also made other prophesies which were confirmed in his own lifetime.  By his prayers the water of Siloam came forth to save besieged Jerusalem when they had run out of water.  In spite of this, the Jews under King Manasseh were enraged by the Prophet’s condemnation of their pagan practices, and sawed Isaiah in half while still alive.  His name in Hebrew means, “God is salvation.”   The Holy Prophet believed this enough to lay down his life for God and in service and love of God’s People, Israel, in spite of their sins.

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Nea Moni Monastery, Chios, Greece