Icon of Solomon the King and Prophet – P102


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King Solomon was the son of King David who had reunited the kingdoms of Israel and Judah under his rule (1040-970 b.c.).  King Solomon was the son of Bathsheba, who had been the wife of Uriah the Hittite.  King David had committed adultery with her, and conceived a son by this union, but that son later died.  Solomon was the second son of King David and Bathsheba born to them after David had married her, for he had sent Uriah to be killed in battle.  With God even human sin and tragedy can be later turned to good.

King Solomon ruled for forty peaceful years and because he had prayed to God to rule Israel wisely, God gave him great wisdom which had not been seen on earth so prominently before him.  Even Queen Sheba of Ethiopia came to hear King Solomon’s wise words.  King Solomon desired to build a permanent house for the Lord, Whose worship had been held in tents, or tabernacles, since the time of Moses.  God allowed him to build the First Temple in Jerusalem, and King Solomon greatly adorned it.  Because of the influence of his pagan wives, King Solomon allowed idol worship in Israel for a time, but later he repented.

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