Icon of the Raising of Lazarus – F61


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The Lord of Life raised Lazarus from the dead after he had been in the grave for four days, so he had started to decompose.  He waited purposefully those days before returning to Judea.  Jesus even wept over him, though He always knew what He was going to do.  When Christ went on the Sabbath to Lazarus’ tomb, a deep cave in the rock on the way down from Bethany to Jerusalem near the Garden of Gethsemane, He called Lazarus back to life by His Creative Word.  This was a great miracle, but those whose hearts were hardened then wanted to kill both Jesus and Lazarus because this public miracle was influencing many to believe in Christ.   

In this Russian icon the crowd looks on as Christ with His Disciples behind Him calls Lazarus back from Hades and heals his body back from decomposition to health.  Mary and Martha kneel reverently before His feet amazed at this open miracle to their request to heal their beloved brother after Christ affirms that He Himself is the Resurrection and the Life of All.  With pure faith and a willingness to follow God’s Will completely, nothing is impossible, even life over death.  May we reach out to Him with such faith.

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