Icon of the Resurrection (15th c.) – F123


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This 15th century Russian icon is of the Resurrection, which depicts the Harrowing of Hell, as Christ brings Adam out of Hades, breaking the doors of Hell permanently,  He extends the invitation for all who have lived there to come and be with Him in Heaven if their hearts are ready to see things as they really are and to love and worship God as He has revealed Himself now fully to all men.  Thus Hell since that day has been a free choice for those who do not wish to live the Light of the Resurrection, which illumines fully all parts of Heaven and gives its inhabitants the means of perception and life which flows from the Holy Trinity

We, too, have the free choice of Heaven or Hell before us each day, but often we are asleep in the thralldom of our love of materiality and of our fallen self.  Heaven is not just a place but also a condition, and one that can be entered partially while still here on earth.  We must begin to enter the mind and heart of truth and life which are present in the brilliant light of Heaven, which is the mind of God as it can be received by us.  God opens the door.  It is up to us to move towards Him with love, humility, and prayer.

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15th c.