Icon of the Resurrection – F25


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This modern icon of the Resurrection beautifully depicts Christ as He appears in Hell breaking the ironclad doors that are under His feet, and taking Adam and Eve out of their tombs of disobedience.  With Him, He brings them back to Paradise where the the Good Thief Dismas has already come.  Other Righteous Ones that had been in the realm of death waiting for Christ are there who will go up also into Heaven.  Angels fly overhead in wonder at the mercy and love of God for all men and women who were made in His Image and Likeness.  He is truly the Lover of Mankind.

This icon has much dynamism in the assymetrical yet balanced form, which gives it liveliness and life.  Typically, Orthodox iconography has this dynamism to reflect the ever-growing life of the Saints and Righteous in Heaven who are always continuing to grow “from glory to glory.”  This is beause Orthodox iconography shows the dimension of Eternity it has entered mystically.   If we enter a lively relationship with Jesus Christ, then we too will become dynamic and alive in all that we do, for by anticipation, we have begun to live in His Kingdom even here on earth.

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Movable Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


Church of St. Basil, Athens, Greece


Papageorgopoulou, Elias


20th c. (Late)