Icon of SS Florus and Laurus (Northern Russia, 17th c.) – S60


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SS Florus and Laurus were brothers in the flesh and lived in the second century in the Greek city of Byzantium by the shores of the Bosphorus.  They learned their trade of stone cutters and masons from the Christians Proclus and Maximus, who taught them also the Christian Faith.  After their teachers were martyred, the two brothers went to live in the city of Ulpiana in Illyria, now in Kosovo where they were hired to build a pagan temple.  When it was completed, they with other Christians destroyed the pagan idols and set up a cross instead at the eastern end of the temple.

Enraged by this act, the prefect Likaion brought the two saints before him and had them thrown down an empty well which was covered with earth.  Thus they gave their souls and bodies to Christ whom they had served in life, and so gained ever-lasting life and blessedness.  It was known that when they were building the pagan temple, Mamertin, the son of the local pagan priest came too close and was struck by a splinter of stone in his eye.  By the prayers of SS Florus and Laurus, he was healed.  This colorful icon is from the Church in Malaya Shalaga, Kargopol, Russia.


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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


Fine Arts Museum, Archangelsk, Russia


Northern Russian


17th c. (Late)