Icon of SS Pelagia and Anastasia – S219


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St. Pelagia’s name means “of the sea.”  She was born in Antioch of Syria and lived there in virginity in her Christian Faith.  In the time of the persecution of Christians under the Roman Emperors Numerian (from a.d. 282 to 284) and Diocletian (from a.d 284 to 305), soldiers were sent to her house to arrest her, as she was known as a Christian.  Home alone, and afraid that she would be dishonoured sexually, she asked them to wait while she changed clothes, then went to the roof, and praying to God, died then fell.

St. Ananstasia was a Roman who lost her parents when she was just three years old.  She was raised by the Abbess Sophia  in a nearby women’s monastery.  There was a fierce persecution of Christians at that time under the Roman Emperor Decius (who ruled from a.d. 249 to 251).  Probus, the city governor, had this young maiden brought before him to deny the Christian Faith.  St. Anastasia, who had been blessed by her abbess for martyrdom, resisted Probus, and for this was first flattered, then tortured, even having her tongue torn out, and was beheaded.  Both of these virgins are shown carrying their crosses, the symbol of martyrdom.

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20th c. (Late)