Icon of St. Charalampos – S38


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St. Charalampos lived in Magnesia in Asia Minor near Smyrna, now in present day Turkey.  He was a priest in that city and taught the Christian Faith to its inhabitants.  Severus was the Roman Emperor from a.d. 193 to 211, and in 198 he appointed Lucius, a great persecutor of Christians, to be the governor of Asia Minor.  When Lucius heard of St. Charalampos, he had him arrested and tortured with iron claws, but the saint extended mercy to those who persecuted him by healing them from paralysis by his prayers.  When St. Charalampos was released many from all over Asia came to him to be baptized and confess the Christian Faith.

St. Charalampos, now 113 years old, was arrested again by soldiers who tortured him on the way to Antioch where he was taken before the Emperor Severus.  Here he was tortured more severely,  hitting the saint’s jaw with rocks and burning his face and beard.  Severus’ daughter Galinee was touched by this and converted to become a Christian.  After some time, St. Charalampos was beheaded and went to the Heavenly abode, and Galinee buried her dear father in Christ, this Heavenly man, St. Charalampos.

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Egg Tempera


20th c. (Late)


Lionda, N.