Icon of St. Evanthia – S428


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St. Evanthia was the wife of St. Demetrius, who was a prince and the governor of Skepsis at the Hellespont (now the Dardanelles), at the point joining the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea.  They had a son, Demetrian.  When St. Cornelius, the Centurion, who was the first Gentile converted by St. Peter, came to their city to preach the Gospel, he was arrested and brought to trial before the governor Demetrius.  The governor demanded that he renounce Christ, and when St. Cornelius was steadfast, he was handed over to be tortured.

St. Cornelius spoke with Demetrius while he was being tortured about the Risen Saviour of the world, urging him to come to the true faith.  When St. Cornelius was led into a pagan temple, he destroyed the idols by his prayer.  Seeing this miracle and the martyr’s peaceful love even under torture, St. Demetrius let him go and converted and confessed this new faith himself.  Soon he and his wife and child were baptized.  The pagans of Skepsis were enraged by this change in their governor, and sent this newly converted family to die of starvation in their prison.

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


Annunciation Convent, Patmos, Greece


Nun Kypriane


20th c. (Late)