Icon of St. Gerasimos of Kephalania – S211


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Lionda, N.


20th c. (Late)


St. Gerasimos was born in a.d. 1506 in the village of Trikala in the Pelepponeses to the noble family of Notaras.   He left the world young and went to become a monk on Mount Athos, later going  to Jerusalem on pilgrimage where he settled for 12 years.  In time was ordained a priestmonk in the Holy City.  He spent time in Crete and Zakynthos, and in a.d. 1555, at the age of 49, settled on the Island of Kephalania, where for five years he lived in solitude as a hermit in a cave in the place known as Lassi.

After this, he founded a women’s monastery in the Omala Valley named “New Jerusalem” near Valsamata on the same island, where his incorrupt relics lie to this day.  The monastery was known for charity and helping the poor.  Because of his humble and ascetic life, God gave him the gift of healing and of casting out demons, which he did abundantly.  He also miraculously ended droughts by his prayers, and prophesied about  future events, which always came to pass.  He was so self-restrained that once he fasted completely for forty days.  He died peacefully on August 15, 1579, and is a great intercessor for all who call upon him with faith.