Icon of St. Hermione (Patmos) – S263


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St. Hermione was one of St. Philip the Deacon’s four daughters.  With her sisters she visited Asia Minor seeking St. John the Theologian, but found out that he had already left the world and gone to Heaven.  They met Petronius, a disciple of St. Paul, who took them under his wing in the Faith.  St. Hermione became a healer to many.  When the Roman Emperor Trajan (who ruled from a.d. 98 to 117) went to war against the Persians, St. Hermione was found to be a Christian and was brought before the emperor.  He  had her struck on the face for hours when she refused to renounce her faith.   After this she was sent away, and then she helped establish a hospice to serve the bodies and spirits of the poor and ill.

When Hadrian succeeded Trajan to the Roman throne, he continued the persecution of Christians.  St. Hermione was brought before him and was severely beaten, then had the soles of her feet pierced with iron nails.  In the end she was cast into a cauldron of burning molten lead, tar, and brimstone.  She was unharmed.  They even fried her in a skillet.  When they led her to a pagan temple,  she prayed and the idols fell down.  She was finally beheaded.

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


Annunciation Convent, Patmos, Greece


Nun Markella


20th c. (Late)