Icon of St. Kyriaki (Dominica) – S244


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The virgin martyr St. Kyriaki was born in Anatolia in Asia Minor to two wealthy and pious Greek Christians named Dorotheus and Eusebia in the mid 3rd century.  Her name means “of the Lord,” which is the usual name for Sundays in Orthodox countries.  The Latinized form of her name is Dominica.  Dedicated to virginity, she turned down many who sought her hand in marriage.  One of them she turned down went to the Roman Emperor Diocletian (who ruled from a.d. 284 to 305) and denounced her as a Christian.

St. Kyriaki was sent before the Co-Emperor Maximian (who ruled from a.d. 285 to 305), where she was  flogged with bull whips.  One night in prison while recovering from her wounds, Christ spoke to her saying, “Don’t be afraid of torture, Kyriaki.  My grace is with thee.”  She was then immediately healed.  Seeing this miracle, many pagan prisoners were converted.  St. Kyriaki was brought out again for torture and endured much, surviving wild beasts, being burned by fire, and many other tortures.  The other Christians were beheaded first, and then, as St. Kyriaki was praying with uplifted hands, she too was beheaded at age 21 in a.d. 289. 

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


20th c. (Late)


Lionda, N.