Icon of St. Milutin, King of Serbia – S152


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St. Stefan Uros II Milutin was born the youngest son of  King Stefan Uros I and his wife Helena in a.d. 1253.  His older brother, Stefan Dragutin, rebelled against his father and usurped the throne, but after much pain and suffering repented and abdicated his throne to St. Milutin in 1282.  St. Milutin had a pious upbringing under Archbishop Daniel, who taught him the Christian virtues.  In 1282, shortly after ascending the throne, St. Milutin went to war with Byzantium and conquered part of the Byzantine Empire, including both  northern Macedonia and northern Albania.  He also fought against the Tartars, defeating Shishman decisively.

St. Milutin was a wise ruler and fought also to defend the Church from false union in his country and at Mount Athos.  He was also a builder of over forty churches and/or monasteries in Jerusalem, Constantinople, Salonika, Macedonia, Serbia, Bari, Italy, Rome and on Mount Athos, which he also endowed with many icons, books, embroideries, and holy vessels.  When St. Milutin died in 1320, his body did not decay, and he worked many miracles.  His incorrupt body is still preserved in Serbia to this day.

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Pec Patriarchal Monastery, Serbia




14th c.