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St. Nahum (a.d. 835-910) was a Macedonian and a fellow disciple of SS Cyril and Methodius with SS Clement, Gorazd, Sava, and Angelarius.   He worked with these saints in Moravia until a.d. 862, when they left because of fierce persecution from the German soldiers under the orders of the German bishop Vihing.  They were stripped naked, and threatened with swords and lances, and all their sacred books in the new Slavonic alphabet burned.

The five followers of SS Cyril and Methodius mentioned above, after being driven out of Moravia, passed through Pliska, Bulgaria, where they were warmly welcomed by the Bulgarian King Michael-Boris.  St. Nahum and St. Clement were especially asked to help educate the Bulgarian and Slavic people with their wisdom.  St. Clement was sent to Ochrid, and St. Nahum stayed in Pliska, where they both did remarkable educational work.  Later, St. Nahum went to Ochrid to help St. Clement when he was made a bishop in a.d. 893.  St. Nahum built his monastery on Lake Ochrid’s southern shore.  He was a great miracle-worker, a leader of monks, and illumined teacher, joyously going to God in a.d. 910. 

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