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Egg Tempera


20th c. (Late)


St. Nectarios was born in 1846 in Selevria of Thrace in Greece into a poor family.  When he was 14 he went to Constantinople to work.  While there, he worked for a tobacco merchant who underpaid him and treated him poorly, so St. Nectarios  turned to prayer for his only consolation.  With great faith in God, in his innocence he even wrote a letter to God asking for his ready help.  While still young, he visited the Holy Land, calming a storm-tossed sea on his journey and saving many by his prayers.  In his twenties, he became a monk at Nea Moni at Chios, and later went to Egypt, where he was raised up to be the Metropolitan of Penta-polis.  Sadly, however, he was greatly slandered by other jealous hierarchs, and this followed him all the rest of his life.

After heading a school in Athens, he desired a more reclusive life, and went to the Island of Aegina, where he helped found a convent for women monastics.  He died in a poor hospital in Athens.  St. Nectarios was a great wonder-worker, healing thousands, and his relics were incorrupt for years.  Pictured here as a monk, he is giving the priestly blessing and holding the Gospel.