Icon of St. Nestor (Decani, 14th c.) – S153


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St. Nestor as a young man learned the Christian Faith from St. Demetrios.  When St. Demetrios was thrown into prison for his confession of Christ, St. Nestor went to him to ask a blessing to face the Emperor Maximian’s favorite gladiator, a huge Vandal called Lyaeus, in single combat.  He was inspired to do this because of the bloodlust of the Emperor and his friends, which was fed by Lyaeus’ slaughter of Christians in the amphitheater.  St. Demetrios blessed him with the sign of the Cross, told him that he would defeat Lyaeus, but then he also would suffer for Christ.

The young Nestor went out against Lyaeus like David against Goliath, making the sign of the Cross, and said, “Oh God of Demetrios, help me!”  St. Nestor slew Lyaeus and threw him down on the bed of upright spears placed there for the bodies of Christians.  The crowd lauded the God of Demetrios, but the Emperor had Nestor beheaded, and sent soldiers to the prison to kill St. Demetrios, running him through with spears.  Here again the meek and young warrior is helped by the power of God to defeat evil.  St. Nestor went to Christ with St. Demetrios  in a.d. 306. 

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Church Feast Day 1





Visoki Decani Monastery, Kosovo, Serbia




14th c.