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Miraculous icons have been known in the Church even before the Lord Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection. The very first icon was made when Jesus pressed His Face to a cloth and His Image came off which was a miracle in itself, and some of the icons painted by St. Luke, such as the Virgin Theotokos of Vladimir, have been prayed to and then through God’s grace worked miracles to this day. In our own time, this has continued with many icons manifesting God’s miraculous power, and even some flowing holy myrrh oil which is a renewal these days of creation “ex nihilo,” or out of nothing.

Over twenty years ago on December 6/19, 1996 on the Feast day of St. Nicholas, an icon reproduction mounted on wood of this wonderful holy saint began to flow and stream holy Myrrh and this miracle has continued until this day. The icon was produced at St. Isaac’s Skete and given as a gift to a priest some weeks before from the monastery’s gift store. This myrrh is wonderfully fragrant, with a Heavenly scent, and since that time the icon has been seen and reverenced by more than a 100,000 people worldwide. At numerous times, by God’s grace and the recipient’s faith and the intercession of St. Nicholas, it has worked healings physical, mental, and spiritual, some very remarkable. Cures of cancer, diabetes, blindness, and many more illnesses have occurred of every kind. Depression has gone away at times, and spiritual faith has been renewed and strengthened often. On one occasion, a child said to be dead in her mother’s womb, just after the visiting of the icon in the hospital with two priests making prayers, was born alive at 2 ½ pounds five minutes later with no labor and grew to be a wonderful healthy woman now 17 years later. Her name is Nicholina, as she was named after the saint who brought her back to life. Nothing is impossible with God.

This is not magic, however, and not every person is cured or the situation outwardly changed, but the opportunity of increased faith and love is always present when we see with our own eyes such obvious miracles as holy fragrant oil appearing out of nothing. As we witness in the Holy Scriptures, Jesus always said when healings occurred “Your Faith has made you well.” May Christ Who healed some who walked among Him and His Disciples renew and deepen our faith by beholding this reproduction of the wonderful miracle-working icon of St. Nicholas who loves us with a fierce and all-encompassing love. O Holy Father Nicholas, pray unto Christ for us!

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