Icon of St. Onouphrios – S85


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St. Onouphrios was a great ascetic father who lived in the Egyptian desert in the fourth century.  We know about the wonderful life of this holy anchorite from St. Paphnutios, who, in the year a.d. 400, found him in the desert where St. Onouphrios had lived alone for sixty years.  He was naked of clothing, but had long hair and a beard which reached all the way to the ground, and his body was also covered with long white hair.

After St. Onouphrios had endured many years of ascetic struggle and had overcome many intense diabolical temptations, God sent an angel to give him bread, and caused a date palm and a spring of water to appear next to his monastic cell.  When St. Paphnutios asked him how he was able to live for such a long time  without Holy Communion, St. Onouphrios replied that an angel brought him Holy Communion every Saturday.   The next day, St. Paphnutios witnessed this holy saint kneel in prayer and voluntarily give his spirit to God.  For those who give everything to God in their life, God gives them back whatever they need for physical and spiritual nourishment, and this was truly shown in this saint’s life.

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


20th c. (Late)


Ginala, Maria