Icon of St. Paisios Velichkovsky – S310


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St. Paisios was born in Poltava, Ukraine in a.d. 1722, son of an archpriest.  His father died when he was young.  When he was 13 he was sent to the Moghila Academy in Kiev.  After four years of study, he left everything, to seek monastic life.  He was tonsured but didn’t find the ancient eldership or Hesychast prayer that he was seeking.   Going to monasteries in Roumania, then to Mount Athos, he was unable to find what he sought until he met Elder St. Basil of Poiana Marului, who was visiting from Roumania.

St. Paisios stayed on Mount Athos for four years and then gathered disciples around him.  He was ordained a priest in a.d. 1754 and was given the Prophet Elias’ Skete soon afterwards, and his community grew.  They worked on translating Greek Patristic books into Slavonic.  In a.d. 1763 the whole group left to go to  Moldavia (now part of Roumania), and established many monasteries there, touching the hearts of many, many Faithful.  He died peacefully in a.d. 1794, full of grace.  The scroll that he holds in his left hand reads, “Today collect, O lovely children, the beautiful and wonderful flowers, and all good for God do in your life.”

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, New York, USA


Hieromonk Andrei


20th c. (Late)