Icon of St. Phanourios – S235


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St. Phanourios’ icon was discovered about a.d. 1500 by a band of Arabs pillaging the ruins of an old abandoned church on the Island of Rhodes.  Christians hiding nearby saw that they had found an old icon which appeared fresh and new, and when the Arabs left without the icon, they could read the name of Phanourios on the icon, and it showed 12 scenes of the saint’s martyrdom.

From this icon a local devotion soon spread, and this blessed man was venerated as a saint whose devotion had long been lost but now was found, and revealed as a great help to the Faithful in their prayers.  He is especially known to help find what was lost, either spiritually or materially, revealing what directions should be taken in any event, and for physical healing.  From the icon we can see that St. Phanourios was brought before Roman authorities, and tortured, beaten with rocks, clubs, and sticks, raked with iron, burned with torches, and had his bones crushed.   There is a tradition that St. Phanourios asks the Faithful to always pray for his unrepentant mother when praying to him, and this practice is very widespread.  May God have mercy on his mother and also on us!

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


20th c.


Fokakis, Archimandrite Romanos