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St. Therapon lived in the 3rd century and was first a monk and ascetic, then a bishop, on the Island of Cyprus.  In the time of the Roman Emperor Valerian (from a.d. 253 to 260), St. Therapon was arrested and brought to trial as a Christian.  He was terribly tortured for his faith, imprisoned, flogged, starved, beaten mercilessly on the ground while bound to four posts and finally killed in a.d. 259 for his Lord Who had died for him.  There is nothing to infuriate the demons as much as a meek and humble Christian who keeps his faith and prays for all men.  It is remarkable that the torturers of Christians in those early years of Christianity, and still today, have such fury and hatred at such kind, loving, and faithful people.

St. Therapon appeared in a.d. 806 to the verger of the church that he was buried in on Cyprus, telling him that the Hagarenes were about to conquer Cyprus, and to transfer his body to Constantinople.  When the relics were carried on a ship, a storm raged around it, but the water by the ship was completely calm, and a wondrous odor filled the air.  When his relics were opened, fragrant myrrh was flowing from his wonder-working body.

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